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As a leading manufacturer specialized in drill bits customized components J B Machinery are dedicated to provide one stop cost effective components solution for clients in construction world Consisting of our own casting forging machining factories J B has a complete modernized quality control system on the whole supply chain Our drill products and construction components are specifically designed for customers needs and include a wide variety of sizes and designs Value added process is our commitment to fully meet your requirements We offer engineering assistance from material selection to manufacturing methods The main materials are 45 steel 42CrMo4 52CrMo4 and other high quality steel...

Categories and Products

Geotech Accessories

Button Drill Bits

Button Drill Bits Thread Taper Bits Anchor Accessories Button Drill Bits Thread Taper Bits Anchor Coupling Self-drilling Anchor Coupling Buttons Thread Bits T30 T40 T76 Button Drill Thread Taper Bits Forging Tungsten Carbide Button Drill Bits Thread Bits Button Drill Bits Button Drill Bits Anchor accesoires Thread Taper Bits Anchor Nuts Button Drill Bits Thread Taper Bits Self-drilling Bits Anchor Nut Button Thread Drill Bits Thread Taper Button Bits Self Drilling Anchor Accessories Button Drill Bits T40 90mm Thread Taper Bits Button Drill Bits Anchor Rods Thread Taper Bits Button Drill Bits T76 150mm Thread Taper Bits 

3 Blades Drill Bits

R32 R38 R51 3Blades Bits with drop centra R38 76mm 3 Blades Bits with drop centra R32 R38 R51 3 Blades Bits with drop centra R51 115mm 3 Blades Bits with drop centra 3Blades Drag Drill Bits 51mm 76mm 90mm 110mm R32 R38 R51 3Blades PDC Drag Drill Bits 3 Blades PDC Drag Drill Bits R51 110mm 3 Blades PDC Drag Drill Bits 

4 Blades Drill Bits

anchor accessories 4 Blades Bit with drop centra R32 76mm 4 Blades Bits with drop centra R32 90mm 4 Blades Bits with drop centra R38 76mm 4 Blades Bits with drop centra 

Clay Drill Bits

Clay Cutter Clay Drag Drill Bits anchor system 76mm 90mm 100mm 130mm 150mm Clay Drill Bits anchor system accessories Clay Drill Bits Clay Cutter Clay Drill Bits Clay Cutter Anchor Nut Clay Cutter Clay Drag Drill Bits Clay Drill Bits 76mm 90mm 100mm 130mm 150mm Self Drilling Clay Drag Drill Bits Clay Cutter Anchor Accessories Self Drilling Clay Bits Anchor Coupling Nuts Clay Drill Bits Clay Cutter Clay Cutter Self Drilling Clay Drag Drill Bits Anchor Accessories Clay Bits Self Drilling Anchor Accessories Clay Bits Drag Drill Self Drilling 

Multistep Cross Drill Bits

Multistep Tungsten Carbide Cross Drill Bits Multistep Cross Drill Bits Multistep Carbide Cross Drill Bits Multistep Taper Cross Drill Drilling Bits Self-drilling Taper Cross Drill Bits Multistep Tungsten Carbide Bits Tungsten Carbide Multistep Cross Drill Bits Drilling Tools 130mm 150mm 175mm multistep Cross Drilling Bits Anchor Accessories Coupling Multistep Cross Drill Bits Self-drilling Anchor Accessories multistep cross Drill Bits 

Drill Nut

Self-drilling anchor accessories R32 R38 R51 R76 hex domed drill nuts R32 R38 R51 R76 SW7570 domed drill nuts T30 T40 T52 T73 T76 hex drill nuts R32 R38 R51 R76 hex drill nuts coupling 

Eye Nut

R32 51mm Eye Nuts Ring Nuts Anchor Lifting Eye Nuts Ring Nuts T76 130mm Eye Nuts Ring Nuts Anchor Lifting Self-drilling Accessories Eye Nuts Ring Nuts Anchor Lifting 

Reduction For Drill Bits

Reduction for Drill Bits Adapter R32 R38 R51 76mm Reduction for Drill Bits 

Scaffolding Formwork Accessories

Hexagonal Nut

hex nut hexagon nut jam nut SW27 SW30 hex coupling flange nut rod rivet lock nuts Hex Insert Lock nuts jam hexagonal nuts construction accessories Tie Rod Hexagonal Nuts SW27 SW30 construction hex nut hexagonal coupler Hex Nut Jam Nut Hexagonal Coupling Nut Hex Insert Lock nuts Hexagonal thick nut Hexagonal Nuts Scaffolding Formwork Construction Jam Nut 

Ledger End

Ledger end scaffolding ledger end scaffolding formwork accessories scaffolding parts and accessories ledger end Ledger end scaffolding accessories 

Wing Nut

construction formwork wing nut 70mm 90mm 100mm 130mm formwork tie rod wing nut 15/17 20/22 26.5/30 Formwork Fasteners Tie Rod Butterfly Wing Nut casting wing nut ductile iron construction formwork wing nut ductile iron construction formwork Casting Ductile iron Scaffolding Formwork Anchor Nut Formwork Accessories Three Wing Anchor Nut Scaffolding Parts Formwork Scaffolding Parts Construction Tie Rod Wing Nut Scaffolding Parts Two Wing Anchor Nut Formwork Construction 70mm 90mm 100mm 130mm Wing Nut Tie Rod 

Slope Nut

120*120 140*140 15/17 20/22 slope wing nut Wing Nuts Slope Plate Anchor Nut Tie Rod formwork slope plate nut Anchor nut scaffolding parts 15/17 20/22 Slope Nut Waller Plate with Nut Scaffolding Construction Formwork Wing Nuts Slope Plate Anchor Nut Tie Rod Accessories Slope Plate Nut Anchor Nutt Construction Formwork Wing Nuts Slope Plate 

Water Stop Nut

concrete construction Cast iron galvanized water stopper Formwork Tie Rod Water Stop nut water barrier Q235 Q345 Ductile water barrier water stop nut Casting Forging Water Stop Nut Water Barrier 

Jack Nut

30-50mm 130mm adjustable base screw jack handle nut Scaffolding Adjustable Screw Jack Nut Threaded Rod Nut Jack Nut Construction Accessories Formwork Tie Rod System Forged Scaffolding Parts Threaded Rod Nut Jack Nut Screw Jack Nut Threaded Rod Nut Scaffolding Formwork Q235 Q345 Carbon Ductile Iron Formwork Jack nut 

Formwork Clamp

Construction scaffolding formwork clamp formwork lock Trio Clamps Peri Clamps Formwork Clamps Pressed Lock Construction Concrete Form Lock Formwork Panel Clamps Scaffolding Accessories Formwork Clamp Wedge Lock Scaffolding Accessories Wedge Lock Formwork Clamp formwork clamp formwork lock construction scaffolding Peri Clamps formwork clamps scaffolding accessories Scaffolding Accessoriesn Formwork Lock Wedge Lock 

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